Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slower but Faster

Our pace on our run this morning was more sustainable.  That, of course, means it was slower.  We ran four minutes and walked one, but we were able to do all the four minute times....and we went just as far.  When we ran Tuesday I noted where we turned around.  Today, although we were moving more slowly, we got there nonetheless.  Stefanie's iPod died before the end of the run (it's how we're keeping time), but I think that we still cut some more time off our total.  I think it bodes well for our runs the rest of the time we're here.  8 Minute Abs was killer this morning.  But in a great way.  :)

Yesterday after I posted we both stayed on our computers a good while.  We listened to music as we did more decorating of the birthday board.  Dori and Pedro had to go to Tuxtla to get some supplies, so I didn't get to ask about laundry and she didn't get us the list of names.  It looks great, though, and I think the kids will really enjoy it.  They haven't celebrated birthdays here, and Dori and Pedro want to change that.  At the end of each month they'll do a cake, and they're doing birthday bags on the days of birthdays.  "It's the one thing that have that is really theirs."

Then we had a chill afternoon.  I read, and Stefanie helped sort corn into good and bad.  I didn't know that was happening or I would've helped.  I think she may be doing that now, and I'll do it after I finish my online stuff.  This and then reading my news is all that's left of online stuff.  Yesterday afternoon I did homework and it got better.  Again, no math, but we read some science.  We read about the seasons and took turns with lines.  The thing about phonics is that even though I don't speak the language, I can sound the words out, too!

We've been going to bed pretty early and getting up pretty early.  After dinner there's not much to do.  We had a good time hanging out yesterday evening talking about showtunes and some of the kids have really taken to us.  The boys (all ages) seem to really like us.  The older boys are super patient with our Spanish, which I think has to partially be due to their learning English.  The younger boys just like to play.  Today I might get my digital camera out again since they had some serious fun with it Tuesday.

I'm preaching on Sunday and need to look at the Gospel text.  I'll preach and Dori will translate.  Stefanie is preaching the next week.  She said something really funny yesterday, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.  It was around the time of evening prayer.  They have a routine here that seems to run pretty smoothly.  Everything and everyone has a place.  We can help with that some when we do.  And other times we just have to observe what's going on and look for things that need to be done.

The length of time here doesn't seem as daunting anymore.  Two days ago it definitely did.  I was so ready to go to Lucky's and get a burger.  I'm still ready for that, but today or tomorrow we're walking to the gas station for candy and soda.  Having fries Tuesday night for dinner helped.  This morning we had goat cheese on our breakfast and it was so, so good.  We found out last night right before bed that there's a sewing teacher who comes during the week!?  Apparently there's a room with lots of sewing machines that we don't know about.

Hogar Infantile is like the Island... except we know how to leave and come back without a woman in the basement of a church helping us.

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