Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes, That Times Stamp is Correct

Except that it's Eastern time, and I'm definitely in Central time right now.  So it's really 6:07.  I've been up for an hour and after 30 minutes couldn't get back to sleep.  I saw Stefanie's computer glow and flashed my lights good morning at her.  We talked through our windows to one another briefly and then I changed clothes and finished my packing.  Now I'm sitting on the bench in the office outside the main building enjoying the quiet of the new day.  I like being up early, though I wish I knew why I couldn't sleep.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in our office.  Mostly doing blog stuff and working a little in iMovie.  That will continue later today, I think.  I got the video from Cruz of me preaching, but I have to do some trimming here and there to get it uploaded to YouTube.  We had homework time yesterday which infuriated me (mostly because I was in my bubble).  The boys didn't have school, so they didn't actually have homework.  I made stuff up for Armando.  We did evens to 100, odds to 101, and then all 101-200.  As it went on it got better.  I could see when he started to get the pattern and the place value (it took till 130 before he stopped putting the previous tens group in (1120)).

Dinner was good last night.  I can't remember what they're called now that I want to talk about it.  There was also cake to celebrate the birthdays and to celebrate us.  They usually will do it the last day of the month, but since we'd worked on the birthday board and been here most of the month they wanted us to celebrate, too.  That was very nice. The cake was very good.  English class was a party.  We had chips and cookies and soda and a movie.  We tried to watch something on YouTube but it was only a fifteen minute clip, so we moved to The Sound of Music.  They really liked it (as far as we made it).

We got our boarding passes printed last night and changed our plans for this morning.  I really still can't believe that I'm already up and ready to go.  Instead of taking the bus into Tuxtla to get a cab at the mall, Pedro is going to drive us to Tuxtla and make sure we get in a good cab, not one that will drive us all over the place.  We requested seats together on the flight from MEX to JFK, and insider sources (friends in New York) say that we should be fine, so I'm hoping we will be.

I can't believe it's over.  I mean, we have another three hours here, but it might as well be over.  Breakfast and then some hanging out.  I might try to get a few last pictures of people, but wow.  Three and a half weeks has gone by extremely quickly.  We have to write our SCOM narratives and I don't know how long those will be.  I have to write another grant application soon so that I can get all the necessary signatures.  That's part of Giddy, Part 3.

The micro is backed in and ready to go.  It's very well-scheduled.  It backs up about 6:30 every morning.    The older girls are eating breakfast, or are starting to come down the hill.  The smaller ones will be down in 15-20 minutes.  The micro driver gave us each cards and a parting gift yesterday, and we were both moved, I think.  We haven't spent much time with him, but he asked if we were leaving today and then gave things to us.  I'm going to miss Chiapas.  There is certainly a lot that I'm not going to miss about it, but I think on the whole I'll easily reflect on this experience as a good one.

And I won't have to spend time looking for the good.  My time here hasn't been miserable.  My summer at ARM I remember not being happy about a lot of things, but now I don't remember what those were.  Here my dissatisfaction is nothing compared to that, so I'm sure that I'll definitely remember more good things.  The Hogar still seems like the Island sometimes, but we know where the Black Rock is and how to the Orchid station if we need to.  But there's still a lot that we don't know.  We're both looking forward to keeping lines of communication open with Pedro and Dori....and I think we're both thinking about coming back sometime.

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