Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aches and Pains and Numbers and Math

My abs are sore still from yesterday's 8 Minute Abs session.  My knees are sore from running on uneven ground (my knees don't usually hurt).  I have a weird muscle pain above my right ankle, and I have no idea how that works.  But I'm glad; they mean that I've been working and exercising.  This morning (starting last night) is super windy.  It's also cloudy and cooler than it has been.  It's sprinkled a little but not much.

Yesterday we spent a good bit of time working on our birthdays bulletin board.  I think it's going to be pretty awesome.  All that's left is names and dates.  I drew cakes.  When I cut them out it made me think about all the History Day projects and Annie forbidding me to cut anything if she hadn't drawn me a line.  My cakes aren't perfect, but they look like cakes.  The frou-frou with tissue paper that we're doing made me think about CmPS projects.  We're not quite done with the frou-frou, but it'll look good.

Homework time yesterday was much better.  There was no math, but there was describing a picture of a teddy bear.  That took some time.  When we finished that we read the back of the history book and then started reading the history book.  I can only assume that was all the homework.  He was much more focused yesterday and really sounding stuff out.  We took some turns reading to one another, but we were together doing it.

There's a lot of corn to be shucked again.  A bigger pile than we started with the other day.  I'll take a picture before we start.  We thought we were going to start shucking today, but the boys at breakfast said that we wouldn't.  Yesterday I started to hit a food wall, but today was a better start.  I don't dislike the food here, which Dori said visitors often did, but lunch yesterday just wasn't appealing.  We had fries and beans for dinner and I was so glad for the fries.  So, so glad.  I might go straight to Lucky's when I get back to the Closet and get a burger and some sweet potato fries.

Yesterday I started to feel some loneliness and homesickness, too.  I just miss friends and some parts of my routine.  I miss the dependability of people reacting certain ways to certain things.  There are a few English-speaking children, so practicing with them is fun.  I feel isolated because I don't speak Spanish. One of the boys was asking us how to say things last night.  Earlier he'd been asking us about Eminem lyrics.  I had a good time passing the soccer ball with Stefanie and one to two of the kids.  There was a little girl who hasn't yet learned that a hard touch on the ball isn't necessarily a good touch.

It's Wednesday, so we didn't run.  We got up for breakfast and then washed dishes.  Yesterday afternoon Stefanie remarked that when they're eating it doesn't seem like 71 kids. This morning washing dishes it seemed like far more.  Stefanie and I started and then our two-step/person process (her scraping remaining stuff and me washing and rinsing) became a four-step/person process when two girls joined.  One was the pre-washer who got things wet and kind of rinsed off, one took my place washing (and I apparently don't use enough soap), and I took the job of rinsing.  When Dori gets to the main building from her house I'll have to ask about laundry since I need to do it.

That's up to the now.  We're both on our computers.  I'll do some more reading today since my book is getting really good.  Stefanie is finishing hers.  Leave some comments, please!

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  1. I'm enjoying this journaling. Have a fantastic time!

    (Re: the muscle stuff... any chance you brought along Ben Gay? That stuff.. is phenomenal.)