Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've calmed down, but I was bouncing off the walls a bit ago.  It's just a good day here.  My fingers (and would've been voice if I were on the phone) were going a mile a minute and are getting there now.  God is good.  I read some yesterday afternoon and Abp. Ramsey says in The Christian Priest Today to remember to give thanks when things are going well, so I'm trying to do that.  I'm not in control.  I may have done some things right which have helped with other things, but it's all back to God and gifts and such that I've been given.  There's the God talk for the week.  ;)

This morning we added ten minutes to our run.  Stefanie is saying that next Thursday we'll add another 10, but I keep saying we'll see.  And by that I think I mean probably.  It's easier to push myself a little more when someone else is with me.  Sorry I can't really talk about the giddiness; there's still too much that isn't finalized although, some of the giddiness was my diocese and Skype article.  There are a job and an internship in there, though, potentially.  Not in Skype.

Yesterday was a chill day, and today should be too.  We made a board of clothing to do vocabulary review.  We went to the gas station and I had my first Diet Coke since getting here, although it was a Coca-Cola Lite.  Still 0 calories.  I bought my books but didn't get my calendar set up.  Homework time was special yesterday.  The homework was to write 1-100, which he did.  Then we played the addition game on my iPhone.  We stopped when he stopped playing and just started guessing...and then he drew and refused to look at me or talk to me or play other games.

We played outside and had ice cream.  The kids used my camera and later in the evening some of the older boys played Angry Birds.  English class is being split into two groups since there is a vast difference between some of the levels.  I'm taking one group and Stefanie is taking the other.  My group is going to watch a super informative video about New York.  I learned stuff from it yesterday.  I think I might want to walk into Coita today just to get off the ranch.  We were going to go on a walk to a tourist place, but Dori offered to drive us next week instead.

Skype is an amazing thing.  If only it had been invented when the Eastern and Western churches split.

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