Friday, January 14, 2011

La Gripa

Oy!  I didn't get to my computer until it was noon.  This morning I got up right about seven to an interesting breakfast of crunchy bread and vegetables with beans and then we went for our run.  Technology failed us; Stefanie's iPod might be totally dead forever and I accidentally paused us early on which threw our run off.  We didn't run as much today, I don't think.  I think our pace was back up, too.  We went a little farther, though (because of the messed up timer).  We went past the power lines.  The dead cow is still on the side of the road.  Yeah, we run by a dead cow every day.  It's just hide and bones.  Everything else is gone.

Sometime last week I had a sneezing fit during Evening Prayer and Stefanie said that she'd give me some of the medicine that we'd seen Pedro giving one of the borreros that had la gripa.  I thought it was funny then and laughed.  Last night after dinner I had another sneezing fit and one of the old boys said almost the exact same thing.  I laughed really, really hard at that.  There was a crazy wind storm all last night; it was just loud and gusty.  I've worn jeans the last two days and kept my hoodie nearby.

We did not do 8 Minute Abs this morning but will tomorrow.  Our abs weren't sore this morning but would've been deathly bad if we'd tried.  The person who recommended it to me suggested every other day, so maybe we'll live with that.  I don't remember much of yesterday?  Oh!  After I blogged I went and shucked corn; Thursday seems to be corn-shucking day.  We shucked until it was time for lunch or so and then the older boys said we were finished.  After lunch we went back and shucked until it was homework time.

This morning the machine was going, so the boys finished all the corn.  I have no idea how they did, but they did.  Homework time was miserable yesterday.  First I asked the wrong triplet to sit by me, which he pointed out.  Then I noticed that he had the wrong bag.  Then the assignment was about a news paper article.  Miserable.  When homework is on comprehension of an article my usefulness is breaking down in Spanish.  I would've much rather helped the older boy who was doing calculus yesterday morning.

To be continued...

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