Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday was a jittery day.  That's why I woke up so early, I think, and the dream that woke me up was very adrenaline filled.  My jitters were not for naught, but it's not final yet, so I can't talk about it.  My morning was dominated by that and getting Skyping done right across seven hours.  After that we "played" more with the corn although it wasn't at all playing.  Yesterday we sewed up bags of corn.  Before that the kernels had been poured in front of a fan with the fan blowing away dust.  The boys told us a story that involved the corn coming to New York and them taking over the world.  There was poison involved.  It was quite amusing.

We went for a walk after the corn.  Yesterday was cooler than the day before.  We went to the gas station instead of to town.  We got chips for the English class since the night before it had been two boys.  Last night there were more students and they tore through the bag, but it was good to have.  As our time here winds down we are doing less.  It's like the end of CPE where we read a lot more and spent a lot more time in the office than on the floor.

Homework time yesterday was okay.  The questions were horrible.  They are about parents' birthdays.  His mom died years ago.  We used Dori and Pedro's, but they were really questions that weren't thinking about the different situations that the students in the school are clearly in.  It seemed to go by much more quickly yesterday.  I made him write his numbers although that wasn't assigned.  He's gotten better at it; he doesn't forget 33 anymore or write "12" in place of "21" and then continue with "13".  After homework we had roasted peanuts which were delicious.

We hung out with Tia Dori, said evening prayer, and then had dinner.  We were thanked at dinner for our work and we gave Dori and Pedro their thank you gift.  We got the Hogar a box of pencils, two boxes of colored pencils, some stickers, and a box of popcorn.  We got Dori and Pedro a big bottle of Coke just for them.  English class had more people.  We drew self-portraits and labeled the parts of the face.  Then we played Simon Says.

Then we went to bed.  It was good sleep and I'm glad to have gotten it.  I woke up cold at one point, though I didn't have to get my hoodie.  The wind was blowing like crazy last night.  I wish the weather here would clear up.  More on today in a few minutes/hours depending on when I let it post.

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