Monday, January 24, 2011

Margarita Monday

I wish. Homework time makes me want a margarita, though the warmth of the last few days makes me want one, too. Today has been a very good, relaxed day. We got up and ran and cut a minute or two off our time. We sped up at about the halfway point to get to the physical point by the time point and we sped up during the last four minutes of running. My legs were tired and my lungs were tired and I could either walk or go faster. So I went faster. We made it in 39 minutes.

The almost sprint at the end was great. We’ve been sprinting whatever’s left after our last time marker, but today we just kept going. It was harder after we stopped, but it felt great. 8 Minute Abs and Morning Prayer followed. Then I showered. In the shower this morning (as it wasn’t really cooperating and moving more to a trickle than really helping) I had the thought, “Four more cold showers.” Threeish days left here. Yikes. The rest of today and not much Friday because of traveling to the airport. We went into our office and I left my computer there and then we headed to town.

We needed to get some supplies and some gifts for our departure. And we looked around for stuff for our families or friends back home. We started with Gatorade, though, because we were thirsty. I got apple flavor and it was like drinking a sour apple sour straw (the bright green sugary ones). Yeah. But it was good. I got all my shopping done, and we got the other stuff we were looking for, which is exciting.

When we got back we talked with Dori about our getting to the airport on Friday and proposed a plan. We’ll have time to run before we go, and I think we’re going to add the other ten minutes on Thursday, after all. I want to but don’t know if I can actually handle it. If I can then I cant wait to keep at it in New York on the treadmill. We listened to Hairspray and did some work in the English classroom. I made a playlist and burned a CD. Life is good.

After lunch we did some pulling kernels off corn cobs again. I’m smarter about how to do it now, and it involves using a corn cob to help rather than using my fingers. I think it’s faster and doesn’t make my fingers’ skin tear off. Yeah. Homework time was okay until the end. A word problem, writing the numbers, then finished...except that we have to read until the end. Well, that’s all well and good, but there is no reading book nor is there a grade-level appropriate library book, so we read the history book. There are no pictures that I understand the captions of, and I don’t know if he got it. Longest fifteen minutes of the day.

We’re doing laundry again. My stuff is in the washer and is probably almost finished. I’ll put it on the line and hope it does some drying tonight. We’re both looking forward to cleaning out our rooms on Thursday. This afternoon I texted with Timothy via Google Voice. Tonight we’ll teach English. We’re moving on to the next video which is exciting for them, though we have no idea what it’s on. Well, we might be moving on. That’s out of our control.

I’m holed up in my room. I’ll go post these (this with a delay) and then hang my stuff up. I’m listening to the new playlist, which I think is a pretty good one. Think a genius list based on glee music. That’s what I tried to do. Okay fair reader, I’m closing until the morning.

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