Saturday, January 22, 2011

Communion Without Baptism

There's an article in three parts on Daily Episcopalian about it, and this is a line from the first part. Well, it's more than a line. I'm reading them all three at once, although I started the first one earlier in the week.

Salvation, for Paul, is not about going somewhere when you die. That’s not the point. Instead, it’s about identity, who and what you’re a part of. That’s what Galatians is all about. To enter the community of promise, must you become Jewish first? No, says Paul; Baptism is the key. On one hand baptism is a public ritual that brings us into a certain community which is the social Body of Christ. This is the Church. On the other hand, by participating in this ritual we are brought into the mystical Body of Christ and, as Colossians puts it, we are buried with him in baptism and hid with Christ in God.
Be sure to read it all.

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