Saturday, January 22, 2011

More with Corn

Yesterday after our grand unadventure (that's coming in a few minutes) we rested and watched The Sound of Music, which I got for Christmas.  We showed part of it last night in English class to get started.  I think they all liked it.  Maybe we'll watch it all before the end of our time here.  Homework time was very short yesterday; I did not make him read at the end of his assigned homework.  I didn't have the energy to do all the sounding out and no idea if he's getting any of the concepts or anything like that.

This morning was great clean again, though it was slightly lessened.  We did dishes again and we seem to be getting much better at the system.  Breakfast this morning was Frosted Flakes with strawberry yogurt and a banana.  It was very, very good.  My job this morning was like the dishwasher setting "prewash."  After that I went to the corn area to work with the boys while Stefanie did cleaning.

Rather than shucking corn today, we've pulled kernels off the cobs.  The last times this has happened there's been a machine, but they don't own the machine, so they had to take it back.  They each had to do a bag to be finished.  Not a bag of whole corn, but a bag of kernels.  I helped two people with their bags, and I'm finished.  It wasn't too bad, but there are better ways than others to do it.  A bad way involves getting a blister on your thumb and then tearing that blister open as you push kernels downward to pull them away from the cob.

That was something I'd never done before.  This was corn that had dried on the stalk, not fresh.  It's for the animals or to be sold for animals.  Louis Fernando told us all the words for corn and laughed that we didn't have more.  We taught him kernel and husk and cob.  He taught Stefanie the words and I listened. Now I'm getting caught up on here and reading.  Yesterday we went on a great unadventure and I'll now blog about it.

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