Wednesday, January 19, 2011


That's what I'm hearing right now.  Stefanie is looking at the English class video and they're working on pronunciation.  Yesterday...hmmmm.  My phone call went well and things are being finalized or are in the process of being finalized or something like that.  I got caught up on blogs and then the kids came back.  We washed dishes, I think, and then played with the kids.  Last night at dusk we had fun on the playground equipment.  They kids pushed me at some point, and then one of the boys grabbed a swing so that another boy was spun out of control.  We then moved on to Duck, Duck, Goose.

Here it's different.  Not only is the name different, but who continues to be "it" is determined differently.  Rather than chasing someone and tagging them, the people run in opposite directions and the first person to sit down gets the seat.  That's different from how I remember playing it.  Homework time yesterday was much better.  There were definitions to be done, and I didn't know where more dictionaries were, so I found one on my iPhone.  He typed the letters in himself and then copied the definitions.  When we finished that we played an addition and subtraction game on my iPhone.  Always educational.

English class was hard last night; we moved on to articles of clothing, so that's a weird vocabulary with tough pronunciation.  Stefanie is such a good teacher.  We learned yesterday that we have to watch the video beforehand.  It's talking about New York right now.  She's working on a game and I'll join her in a few minutes.  I did reading blogs last night and like being caught up.  This morning it was very cloudy, but I think the clouds are breaking.  We did dishes this morning, and we're getting better at the system.

I've been doing some business e-mailing.  I am trying to reserve the rooms for Wippell days for this spring.  Today seems like it's going to be a calm day.  Ricardo is in the office and opening the window by his desk to talk to people.  I'm amused.  We took some pictures last night and I've told one of the boys that he can use my camera today if he asks when the sun is out.  Last night I did a little skyping and some of the old boys played Angry Birds on my iPhone.  I'm ready to be back in school.  Today I'm ordering books and getting my iCal set up and synched with my phone.

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