Thursday, January 20, 2011

Received into the church via..SKYPE! (My Diocese!)

The Episcopal Church posted this on Facebook, and on top of other things happening, I'm just giddy. This is my diocese looking at ways to use technology in a forward-thinking way that is still personal. There's a screen so that people can see one another and be community, not to have something to stare at. Rather than increasing people's spending and carbon footprings by having them come home yearly for a 45 minute meeting with the commission, we also do our seminarian check-ins via Skype. Here's an excerpt from the article:

I watched as Jaime Camazind, another parishioner whose daughter was being confirmed, took Adeline and cared for her during the service. I celebrated our family. Around the same time, Aaron Kuster made his way to the base chapel in Qatar. There, he found an Episcopal Prayer Book and waited. At the dismissal, I said, “let us go in peace to Battin Hall (our parish hall).

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