Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quiet Sunday

I don't know what we'll do today.  There's a soccer game at 2:00 that we'll go to, and I'll do a much better job wearing sunscreen than last week.  Dori is at Diocesan Convention, so we're having the eucharist tomorrow night.  I went to bed hella early so I'm up the same.  I actually napped, had dinner, and went back to bed. I'm not feeling sick just read to get back into my routine or have more options of things to do.  I'm about computered out since it takes me from being present here.  I'm not really feeling reading what I thought I wanted to read.  I miss going out and walking a few blocks to dinner to get off the close.  That kind of thing.

Yesterday after lunch was very, very chill.  We just hung out while Pedro went to Tuxtla to go to Sam's Club or something along those lines.  This morning is shaping up to be beautiful.  Yesterday the clouds and wind were back and it was very cool.  I was glad that I'd worn a long-sleeve t-shirt.  Yesterday I tweeted that the final countdown has begun.  By that I mean we've got less than a week left, so our departure seems imminent.  We'll keep running and praying and washing dishes and helping, just the end is near.  Like in Advent.

Yesterday afternoon some of the kids used my camera.  I haven't looked at any of pictures yet.  Stefanie and I are going to on the flight to Mexico City.  We also took turns with my iPod just listening to music.  I've started planning my Saturday meals (they include Moonstruck for bacon and eggs and Lucky's for lunch.  I will also be finding some Ben and Jerry's Crème Brûlée to snack on through the week).  The eggs we have here are good and fresh; there are chickens whose eggs are stolen every day, and I'm just fine with that.

I think I'm ready to be home and back in school.  I understand why the German volunteers decided to live in Tuxtla for their year and to come here during the day.  But for three weeks it's been okay.  I think thsi week will also involve some going into town to tie things up and to get off the ranch a little more.  Going on our grand unadventure was a good thing, too.  I don't like feeling cooped up, and that's starting to set in.

My time here is not yet over, and I'll be attentive to that.  I won't check out early.  I'm here and will keep being here.  I realized last night how quickly it's gone and how much I've blogged it.  I'm sure I'll look back in a year and read it and wish I'd said more about some things and less about others.  I think I might start keeping a journal on paper in New York.  It was a good practice this summer and you don't have to filter.  Here I haven't really needed to filter, but living in my community I'll need a place to not.  ;)

No one else is really up, I don't think.  Maybe the kids are up in their houses getting ready for breakfast.  It smells good.  Maybe we'll go into town later this morning to just walk around.  Maybe we'll get there at a time to sit through a Mass.  The church last week was quite smoky when we went in after Mass, so we'll see.  Not going to church on Sunday morning has my timing off, and not going tonight either will really have my timing off.  Ready for a routine.

Also, my water quit this morning, right as I needed to rinse my hair.  I rinsed it some in the sink, then that quit, too.  I got dressed and went to the out door sinks with my towel on my shoulders and got rinsed.  That I will not miss.

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