Saturday, January 15, 2011

About Yesterday

12:42 PM

Actually, the kids weren't coming back (see the end of the entry "Rewards and Laundry").  I put my stuff away and did some reading and then had to do some e-mailing.  I had to do it, and there might be some more information about it later (Monday).  I got that done and then kind of hung out.  There was no more corn to be dealt with.  Actually there was, but I'm not there yet.

Laundry is interesting.  There are all kinds of rules that aren't written about what can be plugged in and what can't, and that you have to flip circuit breakers on and off and such.  We got our clothes washed, but we couldn't use the dryer until we were done washing.  And I hung most of my stuff up, but not all of it.  The dryer?  We're not sure what we were doing wrong or if it just doesn't produce hot air.  The first bit of stuff I hung out showed just how much blue there is in my wardrobe (too much; I'm trying to branch out to greens and reds).  I got it down not sure if it was wet or just cold and hung other stuff up.  The other stuff is lots and lots of socks.  It's what's still up but hopefully dry now.

We started shucking the remainder of the corn that's been picked, but then it was homework time so we left.  Homework time yesterday was.... interesting.  Lots of the kids needed newspapers so Dori had to go get them.  Armando's pencil was too small, and there's some kind of pencil trade in system that one of the kids runs.  I don't quite get it, but it did mean that he didn't have a pencil for most of the time.  Once he got it he went right to writing his numbers to 100.

When Dori came back with the papers we did what we were supposed to with them.  By that I mean Stefanie and I helped a lot....Then he left it in the homework room.  We didn't take it to him but I'll ask about it later.  Then we prayed Evening Prayer and I read.  Earlier in the day we'd done some prep work for our English class.  We made action and feeling displays.  Stefanie drew them and I went over them with marker.  After Evening Prayer I needed to hole up in my room for a little bit to just be mentally prepared for English classes after dinner.

Dinner was very good; it was tamales with goat cheese and some herb.  English class was a lot of fun!  We stayed on topic and started with a review.  We've pretty well got all their names.  The video was good, but we really are taking it on and working with the kids.  They're working hard, too.  The giggles stopped although there's a rowdy boy.  Giggles was a little shy about speaking, but everyone else spoke up and we could hear.  They are really getting pronouns well.  

I read some before bed.  I think I have 80 pages left in my book before I move to the next one.  Stefanie borrowed one of my books and will borrow more.  I slept well and was not cold.  Cool, but I didn't have to put my hoodie on.  We'll eat in an hour, more or less?  I'm very behind on some blog reading, so I'll do that for a bit.

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