Friday, January 14, 2011

Rewards and Laundry

Tia Dori was going to start offering English classes last night, but the Council had to meet.  Yesterday all kinds of #^& hit the fan in terms of discipline at school and at the Hogar.  The Council is elected of kids here from each age group and they do some kinds of discipline for here.  We volunteered to do the English classes instead.  About six came last night and it was fun.  We used the video tape some, but not all of it; rather, it gave us an idea of what to do.

The time was good; some had an easier time than others, and the oldest girl there was very good.  There was a very giggly middle schooler (I'd suppose), and she was kind of a distraction, but maybe that will get better.  Some of the English-speakers were concerned about missing, but we told them that they weren't missing anything.  (They're council members.)  We've planned review for tonight and then on to the next lesson.  They wanted to meet tonight; we just asked when (didn't offer specific options) and they said tonight, so tonight it is.

Homework time makes me look forward to reading to my kids and teaching them to read, but it also makes me thankful for the advantages and privileges I had.  Advantage and privilege can increase in each generation.  I don't remember a time that I wasn't read to as a child, and reading was always important in our house; we had to read to earn TV time or we read in the car on long trips our own books or out loud.  We always had someone who could read with us to help us.  That's on my mind right now.  The difficulty of learning a new language as part of migration is on my mind, too, but I might save that for later.

I had to wear my hoodie to bed last night I was so cold from the wind.  All my windows and doors were closed, but they don't seal well and most of the time that's welcome.  Last night it definitely was not.  I wish that it had rained or something as well, but it didn't, just crazy, crazy wind.  The clouds are dark today, but it started to look like it was going to brighten up.  I wish it would.  Stephen Hagerty (my boss) said it was 9ºF in NYC this morning.  We're going to be so miserable when we get back.  

This morning after our run and morning prayer we went to the gas station and had a feast.  By feast I mean I had an apple soda and Snickers and Stefanie had a giant juice box and a bon bon.  I also had to get some goodies to last me through the week.  This was a reward for exercising four days this week.  Last night when I went to bed my body said, "One more day of running until the weekend!"

We got detergent, too.  We came back and have been doing laundry and bagging corn cobs.  That seems to be what we're good at and don't have to be told what to do.  I need to work on a sermon this afternoon! I'm preaching Sunday with Dori translating.  The kids are almost back, I think; the micro is pulling up the driveway...I think.  Maybe I saw something else.

Thanks for the comments.  I split this into to entries so that people might finish them.  Cary said that's a good thing to do.

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