Friday, January 7, 2011


When we got in Tuesday night the children were watching How to Train Your Dragon.  We hadn't eaten yet, so we ate and joined the children, who had moved on to another movie.  We were the only ones watching by about 3/4 through it so we went to bed.  We have private rooms with showers and everything in them.  I have a twin bed, Stefanie has two of them.  That first night we got a brief overview of some things, but not a lot of information, which was fine; we were just glad to be there.

Wednesday morning I got up and kept my routine.  Shower, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.  The shower isn't the best, but it's running water.  Not hot, and not much pressure, but running.  After my shower I went outside and there was Stefanie, sitting in her doorway reading.  I asked her if she wanted to say Morning Prayer and she did, so we did.  We've kept Morning and Evening prayer together thus far.  We're taking turns officiating my day and figuring out how best to do the psalter and canticles with two people sharing one office book.  The Venite on a mountainside looking down at hills and up at hills makes "The heights of the hills are his also" take on new meaning.

And the rest of the day we just sort of rested.  We asked what we could do and we were told to rest, that there was plenty of time to work.  So we read a bit, we walked around.  We did some shepherding with the children.  This place is a ranch.  There are sheep and chickens and pigs and maybe goats.  And it's really subsistence based (more on that later).  We walked up the mountain some and plan to go higher at some point.  We went for a walk to explore the road and what town was like, but we turned away from town.

We went on the daily shopping trip, which was reallllly interesting.  We dropped off the tub at the tortilla place and then continued to run errands.  We parked at the town square and walked as Pedro (the director) bought things.  We got bananas, tomatoes, something else, and then some soap for Stefanie, whose luggage still hadn't come.  And after that we just read some more and hung out.  Dinner was at 8:00 and after that we watched Grown Ups, which I'd never heard of, but I liked.  We went to bed and I wrote the entries that were posted yesterday.

Now off to morning prayer.

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