Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Lost

11:18 AM, 18 January 2011

It occurred to me during the second game why I'm such a stickler about respecting the required distance: Alabama High School Athletic Association was really pushing it my senior year of college.  That's why it's so up front in my head.  This entry is about getting lost, sort of.

After the first game we went into town; Sundays are lazy days and there was nothing that we needed to do at the Hogar, so we went wandering.  We went into the church for a little bit, we found our way to the square, and we looked in lots of shops for things to get family or friends or roommates.  And we wandered and went high up a hill.  Our calves got a work out.  We live in the mountains here, and the kids get lots of ranching experience.

The first game was over at 10 or so and the second was at 12.  We looked at lots of jewelery and clothing and I got a rosary for someone who'd asked for one.  He'll also be getting an explanation for how to pray the rosary and will be encouraged to at least try it out.  I think when I get back to the Close I'm going to get him a St. Michael the Archangel medal, too.  We'll see about all that.  When we were finished shopping and it was time to go back to the soccer field we headed back the direction we thought we were supposed to go.

But we weren't entirely sure.  We knew we needed to go down the mountain, but because we didn't go back the exact way we'd come, we weren't entirely sure when we needed to turn right.  Sorry I can't use cardinal directions to help a little more in the description; my internal compass is alllll off, despite the fact that the sun is very clear in where it rises and sets.  In my head it's backwards, so my north and south are off.  Anyway, we went down the mountain until the road dead ended and turned right.

We figured that it would take us somewhere we needed to go, though we weren't entirely sure.  We walked along with our liters of Gatorade (needed to stay hydrated!) and just kind of wandered.  We came out in a place that we knew, but it wasn't where we started.  Neither of us was anxious about it; we had no where to be and nothing that could be taken from us; we have hardly any cash that we carry (a tiny bit in pesos), we didn't have documents on us, we were just out for a walk.

I feel like this is the part of the blog entry where I should say, "And this is like how God...." but I didn't feel a comparison.  I was glad to be found, but I have a pretty good sense of direction and got us where we needed to be although nothing looked familiar.  I think making a comparison of that to God might get somewhere near Pelagianism, so I'm staying away from God comparisons.  We had a good trip in the market and one of the boys on the older team said that he saw and recognized us.  I'm sure we'll go back, since we didn't have any fun Mexican delicacies.

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