Monday, January 31, 2011

The End

We left when we'd planned on leaving, and I was sad.  I was ready to be back in New York, but I didn't quite want to leave, either.  We didn't get to tell any of the older boys good bye because we didn't see them.  They weren't at breakfast and just weren't around before we left. We did not take El Mazda but a fan. There's no way we would've fit in El Mazda.  Pedro found us a cab and negotiated the price for us.  He didn't want the cabbie to charge us the gringo rate.  ;)

The Tuxtla Airport is way out there.  It felt like we went as far as Coita but the other direction.  Stefanie agreed with me about that.  We were at the airport way early but that was better than being late.  Throughout the trip back people spoke Spanish to Stefanie and English to me.  We ate at the airport restaurant and finished up our spending.  Flying out of Tuxtla is probably comparable to flying out of Montgomery or Columbus. Our flight was more full but still not full. We weren't assigned to seats near each other (:-() but it worked out.

Mexico City was no big deal.  There was much more to the terminal that either of us realized from our earlier flights through. When we came in to MEX we just both sprinted to our gate and didn't look around at all.  There were two Starbucks locations, and we visited each one.  We got coffee and then later got sandwiches because we didn't realize our flight had dinner service.  Stefanie got some amazing Virgin of Guadeloupe earrings....and we were basically the last two board our flight.  We spent some of our layover looking at my pictures (which I should upload today) and then went to get sandwiches and earrings, and that just took longer than we'd planned.

The flight was good.  My flight from MSP to MEX didn't have a movie and it seemed horribly long.  This flight watched Life as We Know It which was enjoyable.  We had dinner and then enjoyed the rest of our flight.  We finished looking at pictures before our flights and just kind of talked.  Landing at JFK as extremely smooth and the whole process was.  It took my phone 10 minutes to find network but it did and I got in touch with everyone that needed to know.  We scarved down our sandwiches before we got in to the airport because we didn't want them taken away.

We didn't need to worry.  Immigration and customs were a breeze.  Much, much faster than in MEX.  And no one was looking for sandwiches or anything, so we totally could've kept them to eat sometime this week.  They were both reallllllly good.  Our cab ride was fine, though our driver heard the wrong address and took us to 41st Street instead of 21st Street.  We got here and I played hide and seek with my keys.  I let someone use my room over the break and didn't know where they were.  He'd dropped them at the front desk and all was well.  I couldn't really sleep but finally made myself.

And I was back at that heavenly country, Chelsea Square, wherein lies the New Jerusalem.  In my own bed looking at a snowy chapel roof.

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