Friday, January 7, 2011

So Caught Up

7 January 2011, 8:35 a.m.

Being almost caught u feels good.  Morning Prayer just how was great.  We were laughing and smiling about something and that's how we prepared our hearts for worship.  When I said, "Lord open our lips," the reply was a very joyful "And our mouths shall proclaim your praise."  Being not just in a prepared mood, but happy about what's going on made the office better.  And it was amusing that I got the sneezes in the Creed and then during the Lord's Prayer Stefanie had a coughing fit while my sneezing continued.

Yesterday, yesterday...Routine continued.  We got up, prayed, ate and then asked what we could do. Yesterday, however, "take your time, rest" was over.  We got directions about something to do with the corn. That something turned out to be shucking and lots of it.  On Wednesday the older boys had been in the corn fields picking corn that had dried on the stalk.  Yesterday we cleaned up some seeded cobs and then shucked.  We shucked for four hours and then went to lunch. And then we shucked for another two hours.

I'm sore from it.  My hamstrings are sore from the squatting, sitting, or standing during the shucking of the corn.  My back is sore from the bending over the same way over and over to get more ears of corn off the pile.  But when we were finished it was great to look at what we'd done and know that we'd done good work.  Washing my hands at break and when we were finished felt great.  The corn is going to be used to feed the chickens and maybe the pigs.  Right now the boys are taking the shucked ears of corn and running them through a machine that pulls the kernels off.

We didn't just shuck corn yesterday, though.  Stefanie had adventures!  By that I mean AeroMexico called saying that her bag was in but that they'd sent two taxis here to try to deliver it but the drivers couldn't find it.  We doubt that since if you follow the signs its hard not to find the place (despite its not having a clear address).  She also lost her key or locked it in her room or something.  Both of those things have been resolved now (see next entry).  The pace changed totally after we finished with the corn: I played soccer and Stefanie went to Tuxtla...

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