Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday was a great day!  The kids came back, and they added volume, but that wasn't devastatingly different or anything.  I was chatting on gChat when Stefanie came in and said she was going to town to watch some of the boys play soccer.  I said I wanted to come too, which meant immediately leaving.  I could tell they were getting ready for a game since a few of them had uniforms on and were wearing shin guards.  Someone from the first team had arrived to drive and we rode with him (no, everyone in the car did NOT have a seatbelt, but it worked).

I didn't realize that both games were happening at the same time (first team and second team) and spent most of my time watching the second.  It was pretty one-sided and not in their favor.  Earlier in the day I'd said that I was going to go watch them sometime, and then the opportunity presented itself.  We chose to walk back from the field and had a great conversation with a very patient guy.  He asked us questions and I was able to answer some of them in Spanish.  My following conversation is sooooooo much better than a week ago.  After that we just hung out; the parents' meeting was wrapping up and the people who were traveling were eating first.

Lunch yesterday was great.  It was very, very good.  After lunch we shared some granola and a Sidral Mundet.  OMG how I love the Sidral Mundet apple soda.  It's like caramel apple.  It's sooooooo good.  Then Stefanie and I just talked and hung out some.  We listened to music and talked.  At 5:00 we went to the chapel for the little kids' service which was music and reading the story of Jesus's baptism from the Bible for Children.  At 6:00 was a Eucharist.  It was very different, but very authentic to this community.  Dori wants us to help with the service, so we'll be preaching-ish next week and the next.  We might work in some new songs and are going to get some more Spanish-language parts of the Eucharist together.

This morning we ran.  I'm exhausted.  We ran on a dirt road, so it was harder, and there were rocks and it's not entirely even, and I haven't run in weeks.  We were gone 43 minutes, but I'd say we walked at least 15 of that.  At least.  And that was me.  Tomorrow we'll run more, I think, and then Wednesay we'll rest.  My lungs were killing me.  Running on the treadmill it was not.  My nose and shoulders are going to peel this week, I think.  I'm going to be better about sun screen when outside for long periods, even if not in direct sunlight.  Tomorrow we're going to do 8 Minute Abs.  We forgot this morning.

We've been helping take down Christmas decorations here and are just kind of hanging out until the children get back from school.  We are now resting and going to do stuff for the eucharist.  I'm finding some words to songs that I know are Spanish songs.  Stefanie is going to do something else.  Pray for the children here; the more history we get the more sad I am for them.  Lots of sadness.  Pray for us and for the people who work here, too.  I missed breakfast (it was before running and I planned on fixing myself a bowl of whatever and then washing up, but that hasn't panned out) but won't tomorrow.

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