Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Clean

The weather will not cooperate with our cleaning efforts.  We went running this morning and we went 50 minutes.  We did the stops every four minutes to walk, but wen went longer than we had...and we even made it back to our running start place before our minute walk.  Before we left we'd put laundry in the washer before we ran.  Then we  did sheets while we prayed and showered.  After that we washed towels and sweaty clothes.  Everything was on the line by 10:30, but the sun is not out.  The wind has been crazy, but small bits of rain keep falling.  We refer to this precipitation as spitting.

Then we cleaned.  Everything that's cleaned and dry we folded and packed.  My bag is pretty much ready for my stuff to go in as soon as the last of it's dried.  I have an outfit laid out for tomorrow.  I swept and mopped.  No shoes past my door for the rest of the day.  We went to town to get good bye paletas.  They weren't as good this time.  They were cheaper.  We decided that it was because they were the freezer burned left overs.  Then we went to the grocery store to get supplies for our party tonight in English class.  We may be showing half an hour of a movie in English with Spanish subtitles.

We're back and my legs are tired.  The walk and run were good but exhausting.  I'm kind of stressed, too, because of the amount of snow that NYC is getting.  Helen sending an e-mail this morning saying that the seminary is closed because the City schools are closed was not the most exciting thing to read.  I don't want to get stuck in Mexico City tomorrow, but if it happens it happens.  Stefanie and I both have stuff to do on Saturday.  All shall be well.

It's almost lunch time.  I have the video of the last mass (when I preached) on my computer.  I'll do some trimming and post it on the YouTubes when I can. Almost lunch means it's almost 2:00.  We leave around 9:00 tomorrow morning, maybe earlier.  We're not going for a run so that we don't have more gross clothes.  We're almost packed and things are starting to seem more final.  My time here has been good, but like CPE I won't fully understand it for years to come, I think.  After a few days I'll have some time to think on it separate from being here, though.

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