Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, Monday

11:56 AM, 18 January 2011

Yesterday was a busy-ish day.  We got up, we ate breakfast, we ran.  We started off a bit quick and I tried to make a pun about not choosing the pace to choose life, but couldn't get there fast enough in my head.  I basically said that she was choosing the pace to walk in the end.  We slowed down.  It was a very cool, quiet morning.  I think it was so quiet because none of the local birds (life stock or wild) were making much noise.  It was a nice run.

Morning runs are a great time to speak English and just talk freely.  They're good times (and this was true when I was running with Colin and Matt last spring) to be honest and get feedback about things happening in one's life or check one's perceptions of broader events with someone else.  Yesterday's run was good and when we came back I sat on my computer not blogging, though I'd planned on it.  I don't think I even read blogs. No, I was playing with my computer and my contacts.

Once this summer I told my iPhone to sync with my Google Contacts and then spent time cleaning out my Address Book.  I did that again yesterday.  Merging cards, deleting cards, making them good.  Basically after my Google Contacts imported, I had 1k more cards than before...and I went through and got rid of them.  Then I used a program calld Syncman (30 day free trial) and sent my Address Book to my Google contacts so that the admissions department from George Washington University or suggestions@thefacebook.com, etc. aren't in there anymore.  That took a good bit of time.

When I got outside it was a zillion degrees.  The Germans got back yesterday.  There are Germans here doing a year with something like the Peace Corps.  They work here 35 hours a week and live in Tuxtla.  We're in a rural community in the mountains, so there isn't a lot for a 20 or a 28 year old to do at night or on the weekends.  We met them, but we didn't spend much time with them.  Stefanie and I played hang man with some of the boys and then it was homework time.

Homework time is better, and we got through it.  I tried to nap yesterday evening, but that didn't go so well.  I went down for dinner and then afterward we had English class!  I'm enjoying English class, and last night was just a review, which was good since we had 3-4 new people in it.  Tonight we're doing a new lesson, so everyone will be on the same ground, but we'll probably review some, too.  I know that my French in HS was better because we reviewed so much all the time.

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