Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twinky Boy

Sunday morning I went to First Pres. It was the most Protestant service I've been to since Timothy's wedding. I don't mean that as a dig to either, just that I've gotten very conditioned to at least prayer book informed worship. I went to hear Emily's youth choir sing a text to Holy Manna. Since I was in the neighborhood and it was Sunday, ergo a break in the fast, I decided to go to BLT Burger. I had decided beforehand that I was going to get a milkshake from them since I was wanting one and fighting off sugars during the week is getting harder and harder, especially with the same fresh fruit options in the refectory.

The one I got is called Twinky Boy. I mean the name alone is a good place to start. ;). It is vanilla ice cream, twinkies, and caramel syrup. Yes, please.

I split my portion of my falafel burger to make the portion smaller and to make the meal more economic.

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