Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sorry that I've been posting a lot from Scott A. Gunn, the Blogger-in-Residence Rector at St. Google's, or rather Christ Church, Lincoln, RI, but he's got some good stuff on his page pretty frequently. These are my favorites from a recent post of his.

The Diocese of Rhode Island's Altar Guild has a blog. Yes. Not only do they have a blog, they update regularly and have been so doing for quite a while. Make sure you check out Rhode Island Altars. Not only do they blog regularly, have been doing it for a while, they also LABEL stuff. Check out the section on altar lace.

Fr. Scott points us to a Newsweek article from 1995 about why the internet will fail. Glad that's out there for reading 15 years later as I sit on the interwebs in my philosophy class having my mind stretched in a most delightful way. Blogging right now is a break from it to process some in the back of my head.

The final thing I'll share from Fr. Scott (who is a very funny guy, and good to go to emergent worship with at General Convention, but only if he wears clericools) is a video about what to expect if we try something new. About trying new things he says, "[T]he church seems unable to grasp a simple concept: sometimes we should try things just to see if they work. It’s really that simple."

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