Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pray for the Church

Grandmère Mimi keeps us updated on sex-scandals in the Roman church. As I read more and more headlines, I hurt for victims whose abusers have yet to face justice, and I pray for the church, for its wounds and its broken system that perpetuates hurting itself and others.

Today she linked us to a HuffPo article which concludes:

I wish the higher-ups could educate these girls without thinking about what methods the two women back at home use to trigger their orgasms. Their decision to the contrary smells of an obsession with homosexuality.

If that's not what this is about, then the Catholic Church should apply this Denver principle to others who violate its sexual doctrines. Do America's Catholic schools harbor any children whose parents had sex before marriage? Who use birth control? Who encourage their older children to use birth control? Who got divorced and remarried, or who married a divorced person?

Ban all their children. Then the bishops can sell the vacant schools to pay off the judgments in lawsuits by people who were molested by priests.

Be sure to read it all. And keep your eyes on Mimi. She has good stuff, and a lot of content.

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