Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give Me the Risk Takers

Father Jake has a very nice piece today on MadPriest's recent announcement about his job. Fr. Jake talks about redemption, but here are two paragraphs that I particularly liked:
If bishops and search committees continue to believe the wise thing to do is to "play it safe" and never take any risks (yes, unfortunately, being "creative" is considered "risky" in many Church circles), then they can expect a small return on their investment. And, if they continue to insist on running a Church as if it were a business, with "risk management" factors built into their personel choices, I'll take a pass, tyvm.

Give me the risk takers, those living on the edge. That's where you'll find the modern day prophets, those seeking the movement of God in this present moment, and not afraid to follow where it leads.
Make sure you read the whole thing here.

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