Saturday, March 6, 2010

More On Lenten Order

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting rid of the clutter in our lives during Lent and compared it to getting rid of the clutter in my room. I'm back at that, but this time I have another layer to add to the comparison. I've got a lot to do this week, namely studying for a big midterm on Thursday plus regular classes prep-work, and entertaining. But I might be about to spend the next twenty minutes or so cleaning my room because I have to do it this weekend.

Why do I have to do it this weekend? Because I have guests coming in on Tuesday. Between classes, work, and other stuff (studying for this exam!), I won't have time to do it except today. I meant to do it yesterday, but other stuff came up that I had to do instead. And as I sit on my bed not doing the cleaning, reading, or studying, I think, "This cleaning is more with a purpose. I'm not cleaning for the sake of having a clean room (although I do like that). I'm cleaning because I'm preparing for people's arrival.

Although that sounds more like an Advent thought as we prepare for the Christ Child, I think in Lent we prepare for the presence of the Resurrected Christ. We know the Lord Jesus in the breaking of the bread each week in expectation and preparation for that time after we've suspended our disbelief and find out (again) that the stone is rolled away. While I've been conscious about Lent as a time of preparation and cleaning up, I think I have a little more to think about as I tidy up my life, stripping away the unnecessary stuff. I'm doing this to get ready for an encounter with Christ.

But today I'm doing this to prepare for an encounter with Jenni and Anna!

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