Friday, June 3, 2011

Tuesday Trek

No, it was a Monday Trek. Tuesday was a very busy day. Tuesday we had staff morning prayer, staff meeting, liturgy meeting, lunch, then meeting with the clergy to work out what I'm going to be doing. It was very busy indeed. I took Tuesday off from running and am not taking today off so I can take tomorrow off. I need to plan next week's meals so that I can get stuff at market tomorrow. I shoot for four days a week. I still am pretty sure I hate it, though.

Monday I checked in and didn't have anything to do, so off I went! My friend Bret said that I had to go to this bakery, so I did. I walked there, and it was a lovely walk. I've decided to ignore Google's walking directions for places nearish the river and just walk along the river. It makes the walk so much nicer. On Saturday I went for a walk and was bored out of my wits because no one was around because I was going through business areas on a weekend and no one was around. Monday I walked along the river.

The bakery I went to was right off Bouleveard St. Michel, which meant I had to go through Place St. Michel. As I crossed the bridge onto the Left Bank I just burst into a smile. I was on familiar ground. The hotel we stayed at when I came with Troy wasn't far from Place St. Michel and the fountain was just as stunning as ever. The bakery was heavenly, and it was great to be in an area less expensive than where I live. Not dirt cheap by any means, but cheaper nonetheless. And I have good memories of that part of town! When Erin is here we're going to go hang out there some.

Monday I ran in the afternoon. I learned that I need to run later than I did that day when I'm running in the evening. It was warmer, bordering on too warm. The heat slowed me down some. The humidity here has been nice, bordering on being too dry. I don't want the South's gross weather by any means, but I don't mind some humidity. Enough to keep my skin from being grossly dry. That's a recap of this week. I'll write about the weekend in a few and then think I will be done? Catch-up = highlights.

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