Friday, June 3, 2011

Ascension Day Wandering

Why do I make things in parts? To keep a single entry from being too long. As someone who reads blogs, I'm far more likely to read a number of short posts from a blogger than a long post. So I'm trying to do that here and now in my getting caught up. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to write more regularly on here. I'm still establishing a routine and this hasn't found its way into it. My journal has, but the two are different. I'll be working backward, doing what's closest on my mind first. ;)

Yesterday was Ascension Day, which is a holiday. I got the day off totally. I ran some errands, but I had an adventure or two as well. I got up and ran and was slower than the day before, but I ran. I need to find a nice, sustainable pace that doesn't kill me. I didn't run this morning but will this afternoon. It seems that the earlier I go to bed the less I want to get up to run in the morning. I've been learning to cook, too. Yesterday I made egg salad for the first time but needed some bread, so I had to go to the supermarket to get it. I'd missed the market on Wednesday. The slices from the supermarket are too small! I have to turn them sideways in the toaster to toast them.

Most of yesterday afternoon was just down time, though. I went to L'Esplanade des Invalides and lay out for two hours. I'm trying to get/keep a tan. It was glorious. And then I just wandered around between there and the Eiffel Tower. I found a great street where things are a lot more affordable (food, primarily) than around here, and I can't wait to go eat there. I didn't spend too much time at the Eiffel Tower because I'll be going in a few weeks with Erin when she's here. I spent about two hours wandering around. I rested in my room and ate and then went wandering again. That walk wasn't as long. My neighborhood is very posh, so basically I was just looking at everything. Next time I'm going a different direction, a direction the dean showed me....

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