Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Week

The Cathedral Clergy are away this week at clericus, so I'm around. I'm having a good time and getting a lot done. Yesterday was a lot of emails. Today was a few more. I went to the grocery store yesterday and got some things. Last night I cooked. Haha. I'm clearly exhausted. Why am I so exhausted, though?

Because Ashley is an elder! After I went to the grocery store yesterday I got back and cooked from my cook book. New recipe that was good but probably won't be repeated this trip because I need a bigger frying pan. I watched an episode of Doctor Who and went to bed early. I had to get up this morning to watch a live-stream from Alabama of one of my dearest friends' ordination to the presbyterate. At long last, it's finally happened.

In watching it I noticed my growth as a liturgist (I think). I didn't have a copy of the bulletin, but I did have an electronic copy of the official version. There were deviations that made me wonder where stuff was coming from. There were things that weren't done. But last night I wasn't watching for things to be done "right." I was disappointed some things weren't done but that had to do with a richness of symbols or a greater presence of deacons (I <3 Deacons).  It seemed intentional and not rushed or haphazard. There were just other things I wish had been present. And I would've liked a stronger sermon.

I miss this. I miss not just writing what I've done but reflecting on it, too. I mean, I'm doing that in my journal, so I'm doing that. But that isn't open to feedback (not that I get much on here ;)). I've done laundry today. I think I'm going back to the grocery store. I'm cooking an artichoke tonight, or doing my best! We'll see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, oh well, I'll have tried something new! I'll be leaving the office soon. I think I need a nap. Yesterday going for a walk to the grocery store did not wake me up, so I won't rely on that. And I'll get to be earlier, too.

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