Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Les Weekends

Wow, the last two weekends have been crazy busy. Y'all are going to get some real highlights for this. Two weekends' worth will get y'all caught up, I think. Last weekend all kind of runs together starting on Thursday night. There was a three hour meeting in French that I went to to experience capital campaign steering group meeting. Then I went out and stayed out until 2:00. I have no idea what that Friday had in store. Last Saturday there was a wedding and then a great cocktail party. I had a great time at both. See, highlights. The food was amazing. The caterer was outstanding. People asked me good questions about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it during the summer. I had to think and be ready to speak on my feet. Good experience.

Sunday was a whirlwind of a day. I went to all three services. It was just exhausting. The having to go back in the evening is what did it for me. Same for this week, although it was a little better. I don't have to go but it's the service that most fits with me. It's contemporary. I also went to lunch with the Dean and his wife. Again, great food. I'm doing a lot of cooking for myself, but I'm trying to get some good out French food periodically. And as I'm finding places that are cheaper that will be happening more and more.

This Saturday was such a full day. There was a two hour strategic planning meeting that I sat in on and spoke up in a little about social networking and social media. Then we had an hour break before the ordination walk through at 1:00. Then we made a deacon at 2:00! I was the emcee and it went fine. I'd never done that before, and as best I could tell I did a good job. It was pretty straight forward. I got to be a non-anxious presence for people around. There was a great reception after the ordination.

Then Young Zachary and I had an adventure. The copier was broken, so we had to figure out bulletins for the 11:00 Sunday service. It all worked out, but it involved getting a master run off and taking it to an Office Depot. Dennis took them on his motorcycle and Zach and I picked them up. Then dinner and hanging out pretty late. Sunday afternoon Fr. Tommy took me to lunch since he's over here on sabbatical. We had a great conversation and again, great food. I spent a bit of time working on a liturgy on Sunday afternoon and then it got lost. I've rebuilt it. More on that later, I think. That has been the last two weeks, in brief.

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