Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alive and Thriving

Just a short update. I'm still alive. Sorry for those who read (all six of you) that I haven't posted anything over here in a week or so. I'm doing well. I've been journaling every day. I'll try to do some getting caught up entries and try to do a better job posting. I think now I'm actually starting to get a routine going. Most of the last week has been wandering, which has been good for me. But similar to the first few days at the Hogar where we had to just rest and get to know the lay of the land it's been difficult for me.

Last night was probably the best feeling I had about wandering. I went to celebrate a week here with a reminder of home (Starbucks) and got to the Champs Élysées as the sun was kind of setting behind L'Arc de Triomphe. As I was making my way back I could see the cathedral spire from the distance...and it felt like I was walking home, like when I turn onto 21st St. and see the chapel tower in New York.

I'm doing well. I'm enjoying my time. I'm ready to feel like I'm accomplishing some things. That I've been here and done lots of touristy stuff is helpful. It gives me more ways to pace myself since I don't need to rush to get to lots of sites and museums. I've been journaling every day, but I have high standards to keep up with this after my January Journey. I write a lot more than "I went to a pretty church and it smelled like a church." I think I'll close this entry and start working on some more day-to-day stuff. Can't make them too long.

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