Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bishops Lose a Big One

The Bishops Lose a Big One - Spiritual Politics:
Even as [Cardinal O'Malley of Boston] has defended the church's position on marriage, he has made it clear that he wants 'all baptized Catholics to come to Mass and be part of our community,' and has established a policy that his parochial schools must not 'discriminate or exclude any categories of students.' He also does not refer to same-sex marriage as same-sex 'marriage.' The Catholic Church declines to recognize civil divorce. Should it therefore refer to your previously married spouse as your 'wife' or 'husband'?
I have a friend who really likes Abp. Dolan, but lately he's pretty much been an asshat, comparing the US to N. Korea for elected legislators legislating and suggesting that people will want to start marrying their siblings or animals.

And for those people who insist that "one man and one woman" is how marriage has always been in the course of human history, let's forget that in some religions currently men can have up to five wives (ergo it's not universal anyway), and look at Biblical marriage examples courtesy of Betty Bowers.

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