Saturday, February 27, 2010

Of Course, I Could Be Wrong

I should be taking a nap, but I'm too amused at this moment to really take one. :). I had a busy day yesterday between meandering around in a cassock for about two hours and being trained in keeping the church safe by Safeguarding God's Children/People. I did, in fact, get some boots yesterday afternoon, and that made me late for evensong's set up. I'll post some pictures from my iPhone later today (with another very fun, surprise picture or two). After I worked on the thing in the surprise picture(s), I went to dinner with friends, came back, did homework, and then went out for a few hours. I had to come back because I needed some sleep (hence needing the nap now) so that I could go play in Central Park this morning.

I did that! I played in the Park for about two hours before going to the Metropolitan Museum. I'll write about that later, I think. I got a comment on here while I was there and it was nice. I don't get a lot of comments. When I got back to my room I logged in to Statcounter to see that I had 92 hits (up to 99 now). As I often do, I checked out visitor paths and saw that lots of people were coming to me from MadPriest! Not only was I added to the Neighbourhood, I'm featured in an entry which says about my blog, "Its creator, Joseph P. Mathews, OSL, is far too young and good looking and I hate him already."

If you haven't ever been over there, go check his blog out and read regularly. There is excellent humor, nice caption competitions (of some great photographs), good analysis, and a Church of England perspective on what's going on. There is also prayer sharing. It's an excellent community with nice dry talk and smart thinking. If nothing else, go read the entry about me and Kelvin Wright. The comments are humorous, and I expect as they accumulate will only get funnier.

In a different vein, I think the Blogpress app that Colin introduced me to is outstanding. I think it will encourage greater content generation in smaller forms, and enable me to share pictures with this community that I put on Facebook. I'll try to start posting album links here to over there so that my Senior Warden can see my adventures.


  1. Forgive a dumb question, Joseph (I'm one of the newbies from MadPriest's)---

    What's "OSL"? An Episcopal religious order I'm not familiar with, or???

    Welcome to the Mad neighborhood, BTW! And a blessed Lent to you! [You're at General, I take it? Back in the 90s, I was one of those crazy Episcopalians uptown at UTS. (I'm still a Crazy Episcopalian: womb to tomb!)]

  2. Greetings, Joseph, and condolences on being spotted by the eye of the Mad One.

  3. OSL is a religious order in dispersion, lay and ordained, that has roots in United Methodism. By that I mean it's oversight is officially United Methodist, but it is open to all who wish to join.

  4. KJ, I'm honored to be seen and excited about the traffic if nothing else!