Sunday, February 7, 2010

#episcopalianbecause Part 2

I thought I'd take a minute to share all the tweets that I've written myself or re-tweeted from others with the #episcopalianbecause hash tag:

I'm an #episcopalian because...

  1. question marks are even more welcome than exclamation points.
  2. most of our hymns have a verse in praise to the Trinity, which we almost always sing.
  3. we pray for those whose faith is known to God alone, not by naming people and things we don't like about them.
  4. The Episcopal Church opposes the Death Penalty.
  5. we know tectonic plates are to blame for the Eathquake in Haiti, not Voo Doo.
  6. if I get tired of anglo-catholic worship in the Twin Cities, I can go to a service in Hmong or other languages .
  7. my [future] daughters [will] see women in leadership roles in the church.
  8. we don't pretend to believe the same things, but we gather and pray together the same way.
  9. from St. Mary the Virgin Times Square to St. Gregory of Nyssa San Francisco, there's a liturgical style for you.
  10. Common Prayer is the best way we have to draw the largest number of people possible close to Jesus.
  11. we have good news to share and are willing to change certain aspects so that we can get that message out.
  12. regular reception of the Eucharist changed me: because it's a God thing not a me thing.
  13. even when I don't feel like praying the Daily Office it shapes me and surrounds my day with prayer.
  14. we treasure the historic roles of bishop, presbyter, and deacon and value ordination and its preparation.
  15. I'd rather revel in the mystery than argue facts.
  16. the worship of the church has shaped and formed my life, both from its consistency and its theology.
  17. I'm part of a "we" church versus an "I" church. We believe. We celebrate seasons.

Are you an Episcopalian? If so, why?

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