Thursday, February 25, 2010


In January I installed an invisible counter on my page so that I can see how many hits I get each day. Additionally, I see how people go to my page (from Twitter, my Blogger profile, googling me, etc.) and I see where they're from. And I've gotten somewhat amused by some of them, but am also just fascinated by other. I can intuit how people came sometimes. If they came from my blogger profile (like my visitor from Capetown, London, and Monterrey, Mexico), I assume it's because they clicked me on a comment, which took them to my profile, and thus led them to my page. Sometimes people come from the OCICBW Neighbourhood.

I like looking at the visitor paths and seeing when Judy Dye visits; she's in Troy and usually comes from Ryan's page, which links to me. Fr. Jeff comes straight there because he has it in his favorites. That's my guesses, anyway.

I assume that the Catholic University of America visitor is Matt. My favorite person, I think is the person in Enterprise on the Alabama Supercomputer Network, who seems to google my blog each time they want to read. Curious: the person at Collegetown Center in Ithaca, NY. Someone in Montgomery apparently follows me on Twitter and checks out my entries, but I don't know who it is. Today (and once before) someone from Searcy, Arkansas (White County Video), has been by. The person in Madison, AL (at Dynetics) is amusing to me.

Some people might think it's creepy that all these different people that they don't know are reading their page, but that's why we put stuff on the internet and not in a diary, right? That's why I do it, and I think it's fascinating.

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