Tuesday, August 19, 2008

US Christian Flag Song

In God I will trust United I will stand With my brothers and sisters All over this land
I love to vote I love the US of A It's the land of the free, sweet liberty And I've gotta sing the same

I'm an American Christian Born in the US of A American Christian Born again by God's grace

And I thank God for my country Where I can worship and pray I'm an American Christian Loving my Jesus in the US of A

Now this country was founded By a few godly men And I as a Christian I have rights I'll defend

Now, I love america And I love Jesus too Every night on my knees I ask God please Bless the red white and blue

And God through the night With the light from above American Christian I'm loving my Jesus In the US of A.

That was the background music for a while for the US Christian Flag page....what think ye?

1 comment:

  1. I was doing a search for this song and your blog came up. I love this song. Just recently it was sang at a church meeting we were at while the US flag, Christian flag and Bible were brought down to the front. Then we pledged each. It was such a good service. I also have enjoyed looking at your blog.