Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eternal Father, Spirit Word

The title is one of the lines from St. Patrick's Breastplate, which we encourage James to pray on his Tuesday train ride (for protection from demons at his destination, of course). At any rate, over the last year or so I've come to realize how much I love doxological verses of hymns. I grew up hearing a lot about Jesus or nondescript God (presumably the First Person of the Trinity). That's all well and good,but it doesn't give much weight to a co-equal and co-eternal Trinity if only two-thirds of it get much air time. Where's the fairness doctrine for the Persons of the Trinity?

I like the Spirit best, as much as one can like a person of the Trinity, separate, but entwined as they are. I think I like it best because it got so little attention, really, in much of my formation. ANd because it's kind of ethereal, mysterious, and harder to make (or presume to make) rock solid claims about. Doxological verses and constant reference to the Trinity, which I've found in a great abundance in The Episcopal Church, remind us that the Spirit is there. And if we keep in mind the presence of the Spirit we have to ask ourselves what She might be doing. She's still speaking, from the fortresses of power to the streets that need hugging.

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