Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Close to Another, Part 2: Settling

I got into the office and the Dean was not in, but my upstairs neighbor was. His name is Zach, but not the Dean Zach. Zach the music guy. He did a great job welcoming me and helping me find where I was going. He brought me up the tower and carried a bag. My room is amazing. I say room when it's really three-ish. It's a studio, but it feels enormous! I have pictures that I'll try to upload tomorrow. I think every three days I'm going to drop pictures. Maybe I can find a theme to them or something.

So I found my place and got a shower. In Atlanta I'd bought a razor and shaving cream since I hadn't had a chance to shave in the morning craziness, but by this point I felt really gross. Showered, dressed, and then went down to look for the Dean. I found him, and he was in a meeting so I was given a time to come back. I did and we went to a cafe down the hill and had a glass of wine each.

While we were doing that we were looking at the Eiffel Tower. Amazing view just down the street. It still hasn't totally hit me that I'm in Paris. This morning it hit me that I'm going to be here three months. I love the number of lamps in my room. So, after our glasses of wine I was back to my place and then back to the Deanery for dinner. We had some wine there and then went to an Italian place. I took a picture of my food for almost an inside joke. It was very good, though, and the service was great.

I slept the latest this morning I will probably sleep all summer. I think I got up at 1000 or 1100, which was still 0300 or 0400 back in New York, so I wasn't sleeping till normal time, but it was late. I can't believe it's 2200 here; it's still so light out! When I got up I went down to the Dean's office to check in and was told to roam. This week or so is going to be roaming: getting acquainted with the places and the people, then we'll get into big activity.

So I roamed. I was looking for an Apple store that doesn't exist, and I found a grocery store. I got some stuff for today and now think I should've gotten some for tomorrow. I may go back and get it; it's open till 0000, but that's only two hours away! Just some cereal and milk. I had a great time there. I don't know how to cook and plan on learning some this summer. I realized at the grocery store that I don't know how to cook because I've never had to. I want to, though, so this should be fun.

After wandering I went back to the Dean's office to make a pastoral visit. It wound up not happening, but I got a nice bus ride.

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