Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burst Your Bubble

from Wade Burleson:

I would like to help Matt2239 and a handful of others get to know me a little better. First, my family is pictured above. I've been married to Rachelle for 27 years, and we have four great kids. Charis (23) is getting her real estate license in Florida after graduating with a business degree, Kade (21) is in the Business School of the University of Oklahoma, Boe (20) is in college at Northern Oklahoma and interning with Oklahoma's next Lieutenant Governor, and Logan (16) is going to be a junior at Oklahoma Bible Academy.

I would strongly encourage my friends who read Anglican blogs, or any blogs regularly for that matter, to add Wade Burleson's "Grace and Truth to You" to your list of blogs to check out regularly. I think it's good for me because I get some insight into the organizational structures of the SBC, which I was never exposed to when I was a member of an SBC church. It's good for me as an Episcopalian to see what other people are talking about. While we're in a tizzy about Mitregate, Pastor Wade is talking about his views on the Convention and some of the stuff his church has done. As we tie ourselves up in knots about the covenant, he's talking about whether to teach a 10% tithe or just generous giving.

I started reading this blog sometime in the Spring and don't know how I got to it. It's something that I enjoy reading, though. It's nice for me to get over us and all that we think we are. He gives me some good food for thought and fodder for writing. It's out of my norm (and regular readers of Preludium, Telling Secrets, MadPriest, The Lead, etc.) and it's nice to just read and think, "Huh. That's what's going on in an entirely different world of Christendom."

I'd encourage you to read it all... on his blog and add him to your blogroll.

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