Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just tried to go for a run. I say "tried" because I made it 2:40. A few weeks ago I was thinking about buying something at the big sales here. They only happen twice a year from what I've gathered, so I really wanted to get something. That meant I tried on a pair of skinny jeans.

My legs laughed at me.

They did the same this morning. I went for a really good run yesterday. I was faster than usual, and it was hotter and more humid. I usually rest on Wednesdays. I didn't run on Monday this week so I ran yesterday. I thought this morning that I'd get a third training day in. I may still this evening, but my legs laughed at me after 2:40 this morning. They need a rest. I will honor that. Importantly to that, I am okay with that. Rather than be upset about not going for the run today, I'm celebrating that what I did yesterday was hard work and I need to recuperate.

I don't know if I'll get a third training run in this week. I'm traveling tomorrow and like to rest on Fridays before my long runs on Saturday. I'm more excited that this weekend I'm running 13.1 miles. I'm going to run the distance of the race I'm training for. From this Saturday on I'll know I can do it and all my other long runs will work to make me better at it.

I might not get three short runs in this week. (My iPhone has gotten iffy about putting sound through ear buds, which also probably played a role in my listening to my legs this morning. I listened to them instead of Gaga.) But I'm still going for a long run on Saturday. I might not get another week of farthest distance in a week on RunKeeper, but I'll still get farthest distance. If I can do it and not be miserably in pain while it's happening I'm more likely to do it.

Yesterday wasn't a miserable run. Today probably wouldn't have been miserable, but it wouldn't have been enjoyable either. I listened to my legs. Now I'm going to tidy up my apartment and get ready for today's adventure. We'll see how my legs feel this evening.

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