Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Done With Living Like a Christian?

Over on The Pangea Blog Kurt Willems has the following as a conclusion to a nice post on no longer living like a Christian.
So, yes, I’m done with living like a Christian. I’m trading that in for living in a deeper relationship with Christ. I want to know Jesus. I want to hear Jesus. I want to be empowered by Jesus. Not simply in theory as I do the good things that he calls us to do, but as the natural outflow of intimacy with God. The former way “gets the job done.” The latter way changes the world.

For me, this means a new-found intentionality of placing myself in a position to hear from the Spirit. Spiritual practices like – solitude, Sabbath, lectio divina, silence, confession, prayer, and practicing the presence of God – these neglected areas of my life have led to a Christianity defined by “doing” rather than “being.”
This is something that I'll have to ruminate on. I like the piece, but it's something that I'll really need to think about. What does it mean for us to stop trying to do all the stuff not because, well, we've got a new law of things to do, but rather because we're being changed from following the Way? He elaborates elsewhere in the post that there is a difference between going the extra mile and being the kind of person who goes the extra mile.

The difference has a lot to do with Jesus and what I believe is the transformation (sanctification what?) that happens when we open ourselves to God and God's love and let the Spirit guide us instead of saying "Well Matthew 25 says we have to do these things, so let's be about it!" Right now I don't think that the doing needs to stop, per se (hence why I'm going to have to ruminate; can we really just stop?) but that I and many others I encounter (as though it's my place to say!) need to stop and think about Jesus and let him live in us rather than trying to mimic him. As Willems says, "It's easy to follow the Sermon on the Mount and other ethical teachings of Jesus and to miss the Christ who taught us such things."

Thoughts? Be sure to read it all: I’m Done With Living Like a Christian.

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