Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sermon Notes: John 6.35-38

A requirement of our Preaching 1 class at General is to deliver two extemporaneous homilies.  You get a passage and thirty minutes to prepare.  You decide when to use those thirty minutes, and it's on the honor system, but I think it's pretty well followed.  These are my notes from my prep work, and all of this didn't get into the sermon (a comment on that below).

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  • Here we are, more of John 6.  Probably summer year B, ~6 weeks of bread of Life
  • How we read this is probably different from how our Reformed sisters and brothers read it
  • Jesus is present however we read it
  • Jesus doesn't drive away anyone who comes to him
  • No conditions on coming to God.  Difficult to say "If they do or don't do this (like support health care reform), they're not Christian."
  • But, belief should produce action; there should be an amendment of life, and that's a life-long process.
  • At the font we're incorporated into Christ, at the table we're strengthened to speak for those w/o voice for systemic change, not quick, temporary fixes
  • At the table we're strengthened to love, being nice, coming to the table (regardless of the example some primates set by not coming to the table)
  • When we feast on the Bread of Life we are filled, and we are called to the of the one who sends us.
"If you leave something out, consider that the Spirit didn't let you remember it." - Mo. Mitties

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