Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Watched a Woman Tear Her Clothes Today

I watched a woman tear her clothes today,
As she saw her now-dead husband's body.
"Why, oh God, why? Mitch*, I miss you!
So close to going home!"
Pressing her face to his neck,
Rubbing his hand against her cheek.
Shoes off, kneeling on the floor,
Covering his body with tears.

"You're with Jesus now,
There is no more suffering there."
I stood silently as emotional support.
This isn't real life.
People don't tear their clothes from grief.
Not in real life.
This is something you read about.
That could be me in tears on the floor.

He survived this procedure many times before.
But his lungs just couldn't take it.
"Guess I'll have to call a funeral home.
He worked so hard and was doing so good."
Pray our daughters' hearts aren't hardened.
Jesus, redeemer of the world,
We commend Mitch to you.
I watched a woman tear her clothes today.