Saturday, December 26, 2009

20 More Things I Learned in My First Semester of Seminary

  1. I thought I was a liberal until I heard Greg Morgan say that Luke's Gospel's intro includes the phrase "Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains."
  2. Based on his explanation of proper usage of the term "faux," Colin is a fauxmo.
  3. Reinholz, Kellogg, and Joe's comfort with gay idioms sometimes makes the gays uncomfortable, but that's just part of the corruption.
  4. If you have a stereotype about the Diocese of Californian, share it with Greg Brown. He'll either agree with it, exaggerate it, or actually be doing it right then.
  5. While Ben Hines's alternate reality may be rather dark, it includes some very comical (if sometimes disturbing) images.
  6. Joiner lives every day looking for more florid words or chant tones.
  7. Jadon is one of the most low maintenance people I know, and wishes all choirs would adopt Psalm 100.1 as their motto.
  8. Everyone has crazy family, and coming back from Thanksgiving means telling other classmates about it during lunch in the refectory.
  9. The larger the conference, or well-known the organization, the more their faces will look like something on Candid Camera when a precentor sings the blessing.
  10. The Ten-Mile dialect of Latin is extremely rare and will soon be extinct.
  11. Jess is from the Diocese of Roman Catholic. She's also Lebanese and Chinese.
  12. Sam really worries about my protein intake since I don't eat meat.
  13. My classmates, for the most part, are really Episcopalian (though with varying degrees of Protestant), which is apparently different than Erin's experience.
  14. Christie Chapman analyzes Glee for ethical and legal violations...I just look for football rules violations ("Single Ladies" dance is a total false start on the offense).
  15. Matt's mission in life is to self-differentiate and not get sucked into Ben's spiral of darkness.
  16. Gale Jones is fabulous and doesn't put up with anyone's crap (least of all ignorant Southerners').
  17. There is much, much more to many of our classmates than meets the eye; we've done some cool shit in our lives and I love the adventures others have had.
  18. "General Seminary" must be chimed at least once a week, based on what I've heard.
  19. George Herbert (and John Donne) give plenty of cause for giggling at texts.
  20. If I can barely handle two weeks away from my classmates for Christmas, how am I going to handle CPE, let alone graduating, however far off it may seem?

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