Monday, July 13, 2009

General Convention - Day 4

Yesterday morning...Brad got up and went to a committee meeting and I slept in! It was very good. My ideal was to go to the House of Bishops before Eucharist, but it just didn't happen. I got up and got over to the convention center in time to meet Nicole and Nedgie at the EPF booth...then we went to the Haiti booth then Eucharist, where I was a server and got to take wine up to the altar at the offering. At the end of Eucharist I had a great conversation with a woman in the Diocese of Fort Worth who's trying to get a campus ministry going and working to attract young people to their church. I referred her to this blog and Brad and I gave her some ideas about thing that happen at our campus ministries.

After Eucharist I crashed Young Adult Festival lunch again and then went to see Repairing the Breach. Katrina Browne recruited me to help her out and get others to do the same. It's about what work the Church has done in the last triennium to follow through with resolutions about conversations on the continued impact of slavery on society today, particularly the complacency of the church. But like Traces of the Trade one can't just watch it; there has to be discussion afterward, and it was good. The group was divided into people who could remember Roosevelt's funeral, JFK's assassination, and everyone else. I was in the everyone else group, and we were invited to answer the question, "What do you hope to see the Church do before you die?" which lead to great discussion about young people as tokens vs young people as regular parts of the church - and another plug for our blog.

After that we scurried off to the EPF meeting and talked for a few minutes. Anson had counter protested some protestors and he talked about it. Apparently they told him that ++KJS had castrated him. From there I went to the deacons ( and got a kit for knitting a scarf for someone in need. Valerie had shown us her kit at our meeting and I got one. Someone else said that the deacons would teach one how to knit, too. From there it was back to the Red Lion to set up for the EPF Reception honoring Presiding Bishop Ed Browning. I was working the door, so I didn't get to hear a lot of the speech, but what I heard was great (as was the food!). I closed the program with two of the collects I've written, and hopefully YAPpers will be in The Daily tomorrow.

After we finished at the reception a group of us went to Bar Louie to get some drinks. We needed to get away from the Convention Center campus, and it was good. Our server was a jerk, but meh. When I got back here I was zonked and just went to bed, hence no post, although I'd planned on getting caught up last night. And for the sake of sanity I'm going to write about today in a separate entry...right now.

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