Friday, June 19, 2009


I have a new friend that has been a breath of fresh air to me. It’s nice, first, to have such a good friendly connection with someone so quickly, but more than that it’s been great to hear his perspective on some things that have bogged me -- and others -- down. If you actually read this blog you probably know me. You know some of my experiences in life, heartbreaks, joys, celebrations, and sorrows. This new friend is new, but I think that his not having the same experiences is what has been great for me.
I have a great group of friends that does its best to “strive for justice and peace among all people,” but I feel like sometimes we -- I know I do, anyway -- get too caught up in “reality.” We’ve seen votes go the wrong way too many times to get excited about the possibility of their going the right way. We have some hope, but are more prepared to grit our teeth and try again next time, planning and strategizing. I don’t think there is anything at all wrong with working out some stategery and plans and breaking barriers and building bridges. *salsa interlude* (have a dance)¡Si se puede!
And bring it back. When speaking of a friend’s being denied certification for the candidacy process he said “She’ll get it.” Just a flat “it’s going to happen.” He knew why she’d been denied it, but that didn’t matter. She’ll get it. When talking yesterday about another injustice that happens in society he said “It’ll change.” People are working for it, and it’s not good now, but it won’t last forever.
His optimism has been good for me. I talk about things’ being made right in the fullness of time (Derek Webb’s “This Too Shall Be Made Right”; “In the fullness of time put all things in subjection under your Christ…”), and I do believe that. But I think that my qualifying things with “in the fullness of time” expresses some of the cynicism and jadedness I’ve picked up only after a few years, at least to a degree.
So, what now? This friend has helped me think more about living with hope, particularly the hope of the resurrection. Yes, in the fullness of time, I believe that all things will be made right, and creation will be restored to right relationship among all its parts and to God. And there’s some hope to that statement. But I think a more matter-of-fact “She’ll get it” or “you’ll get it” is something I need to work on thinking about, particularly related to church stuff, trusting in the power of the Spirit and her mysterious ways.
As an Easter people I think we’ve been given hope about the fullness of time and all things’ being made right. We’ve been given hope about sin’s being beaten and the grave having no hold. In our baptisms we are incorporated into all of God’s mighty acts of salvation, from saving the arc in the flood to the resurrection. We’re given the spirit as a mediator and advocate and a guide to help us as we discern in community. I do my best to think of things with hope as opposed to operating out of a fear instinct. Now I need to beat back some cynicism and jadedness, too, with a little bit of optimism.

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